After getting my first DSLR camera in 2009, I had a great opportunity to document some of the greatest moments i see! A selection of moments is presented here.

Airwolves - Single A Formation Skydiving Team

Airwolves – DM 2016

Airwolves – Polish Single A 4way Formation Skydiving Team – DM 2016
Fastest4 - DM2016

Fastest4 – DM 2016

Team Fastest4 – Single A (B-række) Formation Skydiving Team – DM 2016    
Tandemmaster Eric jumping with Bo. Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge, NL


Want to experience the joy of skydiving, but not alone? Then tandem skydiving is perfect...
Backtracking. NPCT, NL

Fun jumps

All jumps need to be fun, but these jumps are often not that planned, or...
CF CaTo above NPCT, NL

Canopy Formation

A few years ago I had the wonderfull opportunity to jump with a great CF...


To be honest I am not really into swooping. I love the fast landings and...

4 way

4 way skydiving is one of my favorite things to video at this moment, which...
Photo by Saskia Zegwaard (dragon2.nl)


Wingsuiting has been one of my main discipline the last few year, where I as...

Danish 59-way Record

Bigway skydiving is one of my newer passions. The joy of watching big groups of...
9 way above FDK

+4 way

Here you will see a selection of images from formations bigger than 4 skydivers
8 way above FDK. Image was featured on DFUs facebook page

8 way above FDK

This image was featured on DFU.dk for a while. Taken during a bigway training camp


Hopefully I can add some additional stuff here when I get my external drive!

Old projects

I have been so lucky to work on some different projects through the years. Not counting regular work jumps as projects. Here you can find

Old projects
canon logo vector

Canon is at this moment my choice camera for stills. Currently my skydiving setup includes a EOS 100D with a Sigma 15mm Fisheye lens. Really

Mads Olsen

So right now I’m just quickly gonna add a little info about myself. Started skydiving in 2005, logged a little more than 2500 jumps, discipline

Mads Olsen

A little welcome

If you have made it this far on the from page, awesome!

I’m still in the process of selecting photos to be used on the new page, but unfortunately I didn’t bring my external harddrive, so I don’t have access to most of my photos at this moment.

I’ll upload more as soon as I have those.