Winter and planning

Reaching november 12th, after almost 2 weeks sick in bed, my health is finally showing signs of regaining control! But this also means, that I’m slowly in the process of thinking about the next season. What to do? What shall happen?

There are still so many possibilities, but still not a whole lot of funds to go through them all. And the study has maximum priority, since it is the last semester. A new FF suit in the process of being made shows my basic plan for 2017. More freeflying, more sky-playing, just having fun in the sky, since that is what i really miss!

The PrimePickles, which I videoed in California, have decided not to go on, so I have no 4-way dedication for the next season. I should maybe look for a team to video, since it could be good fun to do, but you never know what you’ll end up with. Could also still be fun to join a team, but that is still a bit out of my price range, so I’ll probably stick with videoing for now.

I’m still researching for new equipment, since I would like to upgrade my video-setup, to improve the quality of the hardware, so I can focus on working on my own skills. But that off course also takes money. The same for jumping gear, always exploring ways of getting my hands on new and better equipment, so I can have more fun in the sky!

I think this was my thoughts about 2017 at this moment.

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