Finally spring shows up! Which offcourse equals time for skydiving! Which obviously makes me happy!

This year is not much different from the previous. Except that the team has changed. Prior to the spring I made an agreement with a Single-A team to be their videodude for this season. Sky4ll is the name, and I’m looking forward to some jumps with them soon!

Other than that, my main focus will still be on the tandems, hopefully I’ll also be able to help with some more training of new TIs, but that is not clear as of yet.

I would also love to jump some wingsuitjumps again, and offcourse some more freefly, but there is simply not enough time to do it all! So I’ll do what I usually do.. Strap my camera on my head and jump jump jump!

Blue skies! See ya outthere!

Winter and planning

Reaching november 12th, after almost 2 weeks sick in bed, my health is finally showing signs of regaining control! But this also means, that I’m slowly in the process of thinking about the next season. What to do? What shall happen?

There are still so many possibilities, but still not a whole lot of funds to go through them all. And the study has maximum priority, since it is the last semester. A new FF suit in the process of being made shows my basic plan for 2017. More freeflying, more sky-playing, just having fun in the sky, since that is what i really miss!

The PrimePickles, which I videoed in California, have decided not to go on, so I have no 4-way dedication for the next season. I should maybe look for a team to video, since it could be good fun to do, but you never know what you’ll end up with. Could also still be fun to join a team, but that is still a bit out of my price range, so I’ll probably stick with videoing for now.

I’m still researching for new equipment, since I would like to upgrade my video-setup, to improve the quality of the hardware, so I can focus on working on my own skills. But that off course also takes money. The same for jumping gear, always exploring ways of getting my hands on new and better equipment, so I can have more fun in the sky!

I think this was my thoughts about 2017 at this moment.

2016 so far

In general the year of 2016 have been really good for me skydiving wise. Great trips, great friends and great experiences!

From some awesome weeks in California with Prime Pickles, to tandems, to the still not published photo/video project..

Over 200 jumps logged so far, which has been a few years since the last time! So all in all GREAT!

Now that autumn is fast approaching and the weather goes to the bad kind, it is time to dream of new equipment, and try to locate what discipline I should focus on next year?

I kinda miss the freefly jumps I used to spend most of my time on, so maybe that is the way to go?

First I need a descend suit!

Life can be so hard!

DM 2016

So finally heading home after two amazing weeks at FDK and CJ.. Good times! Great competition in Odense!

Had the great honour of videoing two amazing teams! Airwolves, a polish tunnel team, taking their amazing skills to the sky, and Fastest4, a sort of scramble team of experienced 4way jumpers!

My portfolio will be updated over the next few days, as it fits in with my normal schedule! A few photos have already been added, and more will come as I work my way through them!

But for now, I’ll get back to selecting the best ones!

Blue skies!

Prime Pickles – Cali camp

After just over 2 weeks in California, we are now almost ready to participate in the Danish Nationals in 4 way FS.

These weeks has given us 136 jumps diveded up on 12 days of jumping, simply amazing! The Prime Pickles kick ass!

I will just have to return to “the real world” for a week before it is boogie-time in Denmark, but hopefully I’ll soon have the time to go through the huge amount of photos that I have taken over this camp!

Generally I can only say this camp has been a huge success for me, improving my skills in so many ways! Getting advise from some of skydivings finest arial photographers!

But yeah! Danish Nationals, here we come!

New site

Welcome! If this is your first visit, you can pretty much skip this post.

The site has just relaunched, which means that it will be some time before it is completely running.

The site has changed from an all html based site to a wordpress based, for the simplicity and power of the wordpress system!

Hopefully I can haev the site up and running completely within the next few weeks!

All social media links can be found in the bottom of the page!

Hopefully you will enjoy the new site as much as I enjoyed putting it together!