Finally spring shows up! Which offcourse equals time for skydiving! Which obviously makes me happy!

This year is not much different from the previous. Except that the team has changed. Prior to the spring I made an agreement with a Single-A team to be their videodude for this season. Sky4ll is the name, and I’m looking forward to some jumps with them soon!

Other than that, my main focus will still be on the tandems, hopefully I’ll also be able to help with some more training of new TIs, but that is not clear as of yet.

I would also love to jump some wingsuitjumps again, and offcourse some more freefly, but there is simply not enough time to do it all! So I’ll do what I usually do.. Strap my camera on my head and jump jump jump!

Blue skies! See ya outthere!

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